August 13, 2011

Sacramento Veg Fest

I dropped by the Sacramento Veg Fest today and it was really nice. A bit smaller than I thought it was going to be, but lots of yummy raw, vegan, and vegetarian food and drink to sample and buy. Foodies are such friendly folk. 
I came away with a box of Lydia's Raw Italian crackers and a jar of Nacheez vegan nacho cheeze:
I've been wanting to try Lydia's raw crackers for a while, but they're $9/box at my local co-op. But lucky day, they were just $6/box at the VegFest! That nacho cheeze is actually really tasty, probably because they used cashews as the base instead of soy-something. I'm usually not at all impressed by vegan cheese substitutes so I tend not to buy them, but this one is pretty top-notch at $6.50/jar.

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