March 8, 2012

Sort of unrelated?

If you're vegan you've probably heard "omg, how do you get enough protein??" more times than you can count.
I've never really kept track of the calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc. in my diet...but I downloaded one of those free 'food tracker' apps for my phone just out of curiosity. Mainly because I wanted to see how much protein I consume in a typical day.

Breakfast: Cliff bar, mandarin orange, almond milk, coffee.
Lunch: Tofu & veggie bahn mi (sandwich from a food truck) and an apple.
Snack: cooked quinoa & kale with a tahini/nutritional yeast sauce
Dinner: baked beans from a can and a pb&j sandwich.

I guestimated the servings I ate, and if the app is within the ballpark of accuracy I ate 95g of protein. According to WebMD an adult woman needs at least 46. I'm not saying they're right, but I'm definitely in no danger of protein deficiency!
Look how easy it is to get all that protein! Even for a busy and broke grad student.